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Hello Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Welcome to the 2014 Stanwood/Camano Youth Soccer Club season!  I hope you had an enjoyable summer and are ready for soccer.  We are excited you are coaching, playing, or cheering.  As a board we are glad you signed up to coach or play; we have near record numbers.  Here are a few things to know or remember:

1.  Field lining is always an "interesting" task to complete.  As a result, we have about half of the fields lined and ready to go.  That is great!  Many thanks to those who helped on Sunday, August 24th!  But, we have the other half to line before games begin on Saturday, September 6th, which means we need "all hands on deck" to complete this task.  We are relying on you as coaches, players, and parents to coordinate the lining of your field.  The four corners have been surveyed thanks to Jake Dahl and Jason Allen and with that you can find the dimensions from our SCYSC website and complete the lining.  All materials including the measuring tapes are in the locker at Heritage Park.  Throughout the season all teams are responsible to line their own fields.  Finally, please make sure to put away ALL equipment, including all fielding lining equipment after you are done using it. Thank you for your help!

2.  To make the experience the most exciting and memorable we ask coaches, players, and parents to adhere to the Code of Conduct.  You should have all received a copy of SCYSC Code of Conduct.  Every player also needs to fill out a US Soccer consent and release form that each coach needs to have with them at all practices and games.  Finally, each parent needs to sign the concussion information sheet as well.

3.  Coaches if you have not picked up your equipment bags, picture packets, and/or jerseys they are available in the locker at Heritage Park.

We as an SCYSC board are looking forward to another great soccer season.  I want to publicly thank each member of our SCYSC board.  We are a volunteer only board.  They have spent many hours putting together teams, ordering equipment, jerseys, balancing our budget, surveying and lining fields, rearranging goals, and organizing a club with over 730 players, 50 coaches, and countless parents.  You are always invited to our monthly meetings located at the Stanwood Library the second Monday of each month from 7-9pm.  You can also contact us by email.  Our email addresses can be found under "Board" on our website.

Here's to another great season!  See you on the field!

Brett Reid
SCYSC President

Thank you all who have registered for the 2014 soccer season. At this time registration is closed.

If you missed registration for this fall, please keep an eye on this website as well as our Facebook Page and the school district E-Flier site.  We open registration typically in early May through mid July.   Thank you.


                                Volunteers needed!  In need of Referee's

Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association the umbrella we participate under is in need of qualified Referee's for soccer.  To obtain a current ref card and training check out the website below for local training opportunities.

For local upcoming training and certification classes and requirements please check out:

Ages 13 and up with an understanding of soccer are eligable to take courses and become paid referee's and we are always in need.  All SkVYSA referee's are paid for ref'ing games and can sign up for local and away games to fit their own schedules. 

If you are already a referee and interested in getting involved please contact to register today.

Thank you.


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SCYSC, a volunteer organization...

SCYSC is a complete volunteer organization that relies on the involvement of all of the parents in order to succeed. To volunteer do you need to know soccer? Absolutely not! We have many parents involved with the club that have had their soccer knowledge grow right along with their children. There are also many positions available off the field that need volunteers in order for the club to continue to grow and be successful! To help all you need to do is ask, or step forward when asked by a coach or team manager to help!

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