Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club


    FAQ - Registration


    2019 Fall Season - Registration Fees

    Micro League - $80

    Recreational League - $100

    Does the club offer scholarships?
    Yes, send completed application to the address listed on the form. Completed forms need to be postmarked by June 9th in order to be considered. After June 9th, the board will determine the placement of scholarships based on the applications, after which the applicants will be notified of the decision. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the form: Scholarship Application Form. Scholarships are not guaranteed until you receive a notice in the mail.
    What equipment will my child need that is not provided by the registration fee?
    Participants will need standard soccer equipment to include.
    - Shorts (Micros)
    - Socks (Micros)
    - Soccer Cleats
    - Shin Guards

    Equipment that is not required, but encouraged.
    - Water bottle
    - Soccer ball

    When will online registration open for the Fall Recreational teams?
    Online registration will be open from April 2 to May 31st. There will be no mail in registration it is all online.. The Stanwood Public Library also provides Internet Access to members with a Library card. Late registrations will be still accepted from
    June 1-June 16 but players are not guaranteed a roster spot and are on a space available basis.
    Will my child be placed on the same team as the previous season?
    If both the coach and the player register on time, we will make every attempt to keep the team intact. If the coach does not return, we will look for another coach in an attempt to keep the team together. If we are unable to find a coach, the players will be distributed across other teams. As with special requests, we do our best to accommodate each and every request however unfortunately we may not be able to in some circumstances. We appreciate your understanding.
    I provided a certified copy of my child's birth certificate last year, do I need to provide another one?
    No, if the player was previously registered and a birth certificate was provided, another copy will not be required. The exception to this would be if there is no record in the online registration system of a verified birth date. This will be addressed on a case by case situation. As a rule of thumb, return registrations do not need to provide another copy of the birth certificate unless specifically asked for by the Registrar.
    SCYSC does not keep copies of the birth certificates. Verification of birth certificates is a visual "look over" by the registrar. If you send in a copy of the birth certificate with your registration, that copy will be destroyed.
    What happens if I do not provide a birth certificate for my child?
    If a birth certificate is not received, the player will not be eligible to participate in the season.
    Is the registration refundable?
    Yes, the registration is refundable prior to September 1 however there will be a $10 administrative fee charge when processing the refund before August 1 and $25 after August 1. No refunds after September 1. Refunds will be based upon the following schedule. Dates are determined by postmark of the request. Refund requests must be submitted via mail to be considered.
    Before August 1st Full Refund (-$10 administrative fee)
    August 1st to August 31st Full Refund (-$25 administrative fee)
    After September 1st No refund

    Please print and complete the Refund Request Form and mail to the address listed on the form.

    I registered last year and I've forgotten which username and/or password I used. Can this information be retrieved?
    Yes, this information can be retrieved automatically via the online registration site. If you are unsuccessful in this process, please send email to, providing as much information as possible to help us identify the associated user account. Additionally, please provide phone contact information so that we can contact you if needed to resolve the issue. As part of the process, we will ask for specific information to verify the request in order to protect private information.
    Is it safe to use my credit card for online registrations?
    Yes. The online registration website utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that sensitive data is transferred securely across the Internet. This is similar to security precautions used on most online banking and e-commerce sites.
    What age group should my child be participating in?
    Please use the following age chart to determine the appropriate age division.
    Age Div Birth year League
    U5 2015 Micro
    U6 2014 Micro
    U7 2013 Micro
    U8 2012 Micro
    U9 2011 Mod
    U10 2010 Mod
    U11 2009 Mod
    U12 2008 Mod
    U13 2007 Rec
    U14 2006 Rec
    U15 2005 Rec
    U16 2004 Rec
    U17 2003 Rec
    U18 2002 Rec

    Will any other documentation be accepted in place of the birth certificate?
    Yes. A Passport or State issues ID will also be accepted as proof of age. The provided documentation must show the date of birth of the child participating.
    Why do you need a certified copy of my child's birth certificate?
    A certified copy of the child's birth certificate will provide proof of the child's date of birth and eligibility for registration within a particular age bracket. By providing a certified copy of the birth certificate, we can be assured that the document is a true copy of the original document. Considering the trouble required to obtain a birth certificate, we do not wish to be responsible for the original document.
    How do I know my child's birth certificate will be kept private?
    The birth certificate will be handled by volunteers who have been cleared by the Washington State Patrol. After the date of birth has been verified in the online registration system by the Registrar, the birth certificate will be shredded and securely disposed of. Please do not send original birth certificates, for this purpose, photo copies will suffice.
    When will I know which team my child is on?
    After the "on time" registration closes, the teams will be defined and the coaches will be notified of the players assigned to their team. At that point, it is the responsibility of the coach to contact the players and parents to notify them of practice and game schedules. Expect to be contacted after August 10th or the coaches meeting whichever comes later, by your childs coach. Practice usually will start after this time as well based on the coaches schedule.
    Is there a Family Discount for Multiple Players?
    Yes. This year the SCSYSC Board has instituted a Family Discount for Multiple Players. For families registering 3 or more players, a $10 discount will be applied to 3rd and subsequent registrations. For example, a family registering 4 players would receive an overall savings of $20. $10 for the 3rd registration and $10 for the 4th registration.