Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club

Micros U5 - U8

Micros - Ages 5 to 7

Micro League

The Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club follows the guidelines for 'Small Sided' soccer as set forth by the Washington State Youth Soccer Association. Depending on the age division, the team's maximum roster size ranges from 6 - 8 players. The reduced roster size allows for a greater opportunity to 'be involved', both from the playing time and the individual coach attention.

From the coaches perspective, the smaller teams are easier to manage and provide a better opportunity to focus on skill development.

This is an opportunity to get to know the fundamentals of the game and have fun!

Micro Coaches are encouraged to conduct practices once a week for the duration of less than 1 hour. Longer practices are too physically demanding and typically outstretch the average attention span of a Micro Player. Practices for Micro teams are typically held at Heritage Park where the equipment is centrally stored.

Uniforms & Equipment
As part of the registration fee, each player will receive a jersey. Shinguards are required and cleats are optional, but recommended. Coaches will have access to balls and cones, however it is recommended that each player have their own size appropriate ball.

All Micro games will be played at Heritage Park on Saturday's. Alternate times and locations can be agreed upon between the coaches on a game by game basis and as space permits.

More info to come.......

Micro games will be refereed by a coach, parent or older sibling.

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