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Referee's Needed!!!!


If you have watched your child's match and had to watch the coaches act as the referees, it is because we need more referees. If you are interested in becoming a referee, look for clinic and registration info

We do not have a defined "minimum age". However, we prefer that kids be at least 12 years old. This is primarily due to the reading level of the Laws of the Game and the written exam at the end of the class. We would also love to have more adult-age referees. This is a great opportunity for a "parent and child" bonding experience.

If interested, please register for the clinic on the WASRC website right away. This clinic is now posted and available for registration to anyone statewide and class space is limited.

Thank you,

Chad Burton

Skagit Valley Soccer Referees Assn.

2nd Vice-President


Location: TBD

Date: TBD

***Preregistration is required for clinics***

What To Do Right Now: If you have not already done so, please register with our local Referee website: . Toward the middle of the home page, click on the link for the "Registration" form. Then, fill in the appropriate information (the USSF ID, Grade, and UBI spaces can be left blank). The Next Step: Registering With WASRC Please get registered with the Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC). After establishing your profile, Please get registered for this clinic. The clinic number is: 1W-0517-N08-0311 Please do this right away as space is limited and this clinic is displayed and available to anyone statewide.

To Register With WASRC: 1. Go to the Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC) website: . On the header bar, click on: Instruction > Clinic & Events Schedule 2. Click on the drop down menu and select: Entry - Never been a USSF Referee 3. Find our clinic (1W-0517-N08-0311) from the list provided. a) On the far right, click on "Register with WA Referees" 4. Follow all instructions. Write down your user ID and Password. You will need this in the future.

If you are having trouble navigating the WASRC site to get registered, here is a link to our "tutorial" for help:

After Registering With WASRC: 1. Complete all of the on-line training modules on the WASRC website. This may take as long as eight hours, based on the student's familiarity of the Laws of the Game (most students only need 2 to 3 hours). All modules do not have to be completed in one session. However, once you start a module, you must complete it to receive credit. If you stop a module before finishing, you will have to re-take the entire module. (Do NOT take the training modules via the USSF website. If you do, you will not receive credit for them.) 2. If you need instructions for completing the on-line modules, visit the following link: for Online ELC Course.pdf

The On-Line Modules MUST be completed 3 days in advance (BY May 10th, at 8pm!!) in order to attend the classroom clinic!! Waiting for the "last minute" is NOT advised. If you wait too long and there is a glitch/problem with your scores posting to the WASRC site, there may not be enough time to get things fixed before the clinic. Your scores must be posted to the WASRC site before the classroom clinic. This is an automated process and we do not have any local ability to control/modify this. So...Complete the on-line training right away to avoid problems.

Cost and Fee Information: $).$70.00 for youth-age students, $73.50 for adult students - Paid on-line when you register at ($55
for 1st year USSF registration fee + $15 Clinic Fee (+ $3.50 for background check of adult students)

In the months to come keep an eye out for some additional local opportunities to become a paid Referee. This is open to anyone ages 12 and older, is an chance to earn some cash both locally and in the surrounding areas, become more familiar with the full rules, penalties and guidelines and get a workout while getting paid.

SCYSC strongly encourages coaches of all age levels to invest the time to take this course as it will provide you with much needed knowledge and familiarity with the rules of the game and important aspects to train your players on.


Stanwood Camano Youth Soccer Club is looking for men, women, and teens, 12 and older, to fill up the ranks of soccer officials for soccer matches in the Stanwood Camano area this fall. How can you get onto our referee list for scheduling? Just follow the steps below and we hopefully will see you on the pitch this fall!

Clinics to become a referee:

Please check at either of these websites to find the soonest and nearest clinics being offered for anyone age 12 and up who wants to become a soccer referee in Washington State. Be aware there are registration deadlines for all of these clinics and there is online course work that must be completed before the clinic date. - look under the Clinic/Events tab. Not one in the local area, no problem! You may register for any clinic and still be able to join the local referee pool. - this is where all of our local game refs are scheduled out of, where you can find out about local clinics and as well as other vital refering information.

Officiated before?
Please send along a brief history of your referee and soccer experience with a copy of current certification either via email to or mail to SCYSC - Referee P.O. Box 815 Stanwood, WA 98292

Need continuing hours?
Please send along a brief history of your referee and soccer experience with a copy of current certification, and a short note letting us know that you need hours and we will arrange with Skagit Refs to get your continuing hours in either via email to or mail to SCYSC - Referee P.O. Box 815 Stanwood, WA 98292

There are monthly instuctional meetings at Skagit Refs, our parent referee oranization in Burlington. These meetings will help you increase your referee knowlege and obtain continuing education hours toward next years certification.

Please send email to our Referee Assignor, Ram Prasad and Felix Moran at with 'Referee' in the subject.